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Your home is long overdue for a room by room sound system.  AVS can help you.  Whether its 2 rooms and 4 speakers or 10 rooms and 20 speakers AVS can get you the right speakers, design, budget and installation specifications.  Wired? Wireless? Wall mounted controls? Hidden components? All doable.  Allow AVS to make this process very easy for you.

Living Room Surround & TV

Flatscreens, Stereos, Surround, Remote Controls

Your den is in need of a new tv and surround sound setup.  Nothing huge- but something that delivers a little bit more wow and bang.  You also want most of it hidden or out of sight.  We understand and we can do that.  Let’s design, deliver and install the perfect system for your dreams and budget.

Flatscreen TVs

Above Fireplace, In Cabinet, On Counter, In Bathroom, Outside Porch, 

There is no place that AVS cannot install a TV.  We’ve installed hundreds….HUNDREDS…of TVs, in every imaginable location and position.  So if you simply need to purchase a new TV and get it installed, give AVS a call.  We’ll do it right- measure twice, ask the customer three times…and cut once.  AVS has got you covered.

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