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Projector Screen Installation in Charlottesville VA

Preinstall projector and screen picture

AVS has installed hundreds of projectors and screens throughout the central Virginia area.  We can install yours…Here’s how:

Charlottesville Audio Visual Services of central Virginia has installed hundreds of lcd / dlp projectors and screens.  Here’s a little helpful information you’ll need to know when installing your projector – screen in a boardroom, office or meeting room with a drop down tiled ceiling.  (The above image shows a typical AVS pre-install photoshop design. We do this for all our customers so they they have a photo rendering of what the final product installation  will look. This is about 90% accurate.)

Projectors and Screens in Boardroom, Conference or Meeting Rooms with a drop down tiled ceiling:

This is a very common scenario. Your conference or board room is in desperate need of a neat, clean and professional looking projector and screen.  The ceiling is a drop down tiled ceiling with 2 foot by 4 foot ceiling tiles.  The meeting room desk or table is centered in the room.  On one wall (usually a shorter wall) is where you desire to have the screen mounted.

Projector Placement: Most of these situations require an 8 foot to 10 foot wide screen and this means that most of the time the projector will be mounted about 12 to 15 feet away from the screen wall.  In order to mount the projector you will need to have the following items:

1 Ceiling Tile Adapter Plate – This plate allows the projector to hang safely and cleanly from the ceiling tiles in your room. The plate is 2 feet long and fits easily behind the tile.  The plate comes with a threaded pipe that holds the gear tuned mount.  The sliding pipe thread area on the plate allows the projector to be properly centered. This plate gets wire rigged into the ceiling tile trusses and fixtures above the ceiling tiles for added safety.

projector ceiling tile mount kit

2 Gear Tuned Projector Mount and Pipe- This gear is essential for hanging and tuning in the tilt, angle and horizontal shift of the projector.  AVS always uses this particular model (STRONG by SnapAV) because its GEAR TUNED.- Very Important- This means the projector won’t come out of adjustment or alignment  after long term use and long term subtle vibrations from the pr0jector itself or from the HVAC that can sometimes be in the ceiling.

gear tuned projector mount

3 Electrical AC Outlet- There are 2 ways to do this. You can have an electrician install an outlet in the ceiling tiles around the area of the projector (behind it please) or AVS can do this work using an AC Code electrical extension kit which provides an extension cord through the ceiling and down the wall to the nearest ac outlet.  Here’s what the extension kit looks like:

AC in wall extension kit for projectors wall TVs

4 VGA and HDMI Cables and wallplates-  The last thing you’ll need for the projector are the cables- usually 1 HDMI and 1 VGA.  These run to either to a nearby wallplate  or to the conference table top.  If your cable run is under 50′ just about any good grade 2016 HDMI cable will do. If it’s over 50′ you’ll need an ACTIVE HDMI cable.  Here’s what my supplier says about active cables:

“Long-run HDMI cables that perform better, pull easier and cost less?! Seems too good to be true, doesn’t it? The secret is the active cable technology that enables them to go the distance while shedding the extra bulk and cost of a thick copper bundle. And since they’re part of the Binary™ B6 family, you also know they come packed with innovations like the lowest profile connectors in their class, a flexible easy-pull jacket, and our exclusive GripTek™ design. Note: 25 and 30 meter models feature a silver-coated copper conductor, allowing them to be 15% thinner than their standard copper counterparts.”

active hdmi cable

Screen Installation and Placement- There are many ways to install and mount an electric screen in and around ceiling ceiling tiles.  You can mount it above the ceiling tile and have the screen neatly fall through a gap in the tiles or you can mount the screen below the ceiling tiles (saving time and money).

In order to install the screen above the ceiling tiles you will need at least 12 inches of space above the ceiling tiles.  The unit which allows the screen to seamlessly roll open through the tiles requires some head room above the tiles.  Make sure this space is available. AVS sells and installs DRAPER screens so we use this ceiling tile trim kit by Draper also:

ceiling tile trim kit for projector screens

If you have decided to simply mount the screen below the ceiling tiles you will need to affix either end of the screen into the drywall/metal studs with lag bolts and you will need to safety rigg the screen ends using cabling into the upper regions of the ceiling on a cross truss or something.

Of course the last step is to install the AC hookup for screen.  This requires an electrician to hardwire the screen into the existing AC power in the room.  He can usually access this above the ceiling tiles.  And then decide where you want the up/down switch.  As an option you can also purchase an IR remote kit with screen for up and down access via remote.

Is it pretty? A few more tips:   Make sure to use a level when mounting the screen.  When drilling the hole in the ceiling tile for the projector mount pipe use a hole-saw.  PAINT THE CABLES (AC, HDMI, VGA) white if they stick out.  Oh- and its also best to buy a WHITE projector.

AVS hopes this helps you to get a better understanding of how to install a projector and a screen around ceiling tiles.  It’s not brain surgery but it does take a little time, effort and patience. AND- we can do all of it for you.

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