The Best Home Theaters in Central Virginia

Amazing Home Theaters

Dazzle, Flash, Bang, Boom, Wow

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So you want an IMAX experience in your own home?  Cool.  AVS can help you with that. If you love big blockbuster movies, super sharp HD pictures (literally as good as IMAX) and heart rumbling-pounding  sound, then you’re looking for an AVS amazing quality home theater. The bells and whistles are endless- Motorized seats with integrated bass vibration; Remote controlled full color-spectrum LED lights; Color ceiling laser stars; 12 foot wide screen; 7.1 Surround amp. And much more … AVS is happy to make your home theater dream come true.  


Elegant Home Theaters

Beautiful, Amazing, Poignant, Powerful, Understated

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You live in an elegant and tasteful home and you want a home theater to match.  You want entertainment for yourself , friends and family.  AVS can do that. Because we are really good listeners- AVS will get you exactly what you are looking for- Sophisticated and comfortable seating.  Quality lighting. Beautiful images.  Big, clear sound. 


Awesome Surround Systems

Living Rooms, Family Rooms, Bedrooms, Dens, Basements

You want a home theater but don’t have a dedicated room.  AVS understands.  Let’s get you a home theater without it looking like a home theater.  We can mount your TV above the fireplace. We can hide the components in the cabinet (with full IR/RF control) We can install speakers that are  really hard to see….You’ll get 5.1 Surround. Big beautful images. Great sound.  Easy to operate.  Viola- a home theater- without taking over the whole house.  

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