Home Theater Lighting Review-Phillips Hue

Home Theater Review- Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue Bulb Review- for Home Theater Use

In the old days installing controllable lighting in a home theater was a tedious process.  Thanks to Phillips Hue bulbs that tedium is over and the return on your enjoyment is 100x better. In a nutshell here’s how it works: Through wifi you can control any number of HUE bulbs installed in your theater area. (The bulb itself has a wifi receiver on it)  Through an app on your phone or tablet you can change the bulb color and brightness.  Or you can select an AVS or Phillips pre-programmed color scene which effects all lights.


AVS will create several scenes that match the mood-color-preference  of your theater, room, entrance hallway etc.  Also installed is a small wireless switch on the outside of your theater.  Before you begin watching a movie you’ll have the option of pushing this button to turn the lights on.  (You can also choose to turn the lights on on your phone or tablet).  Once the movie starts you can choose another light scene for watching. You’ll have complete control of your lights -all at your fingertips while in your theater.

A secondary way to use these lights is in the hallway outside your theater.  Why ruin the movie mood on a bathroom break?  With color dimmed hall lighting you’ll feel like your at Regal Cinemas- even outside your theater area.  AVS thinks this is a cool modern bells and whistles feature for your dedicated home theater.

Now watch this video for a visual explanation:



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