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Audio Video Services Charlottesville, VA–  If you’ve never played HALO 4 (sci-fi 1st person alien shooter delux) on a 10 foot diagnol 1080p projector and screen with a surround sound system that rivals IMAX and Butt Kickers that vibrate the seat you’re sitting in- well, ya just don’t know what you’re missin’.  Okay I know, maybe if you’re a teenager this seems like a very important and necessary  thing to do, but trust me- serious grown-up adult- you will giggle like a kid in a candy shop during this experience. Unstoppable giggles and endless smiles.

I love a good movie watching home theater, but when the customer asks to have every gaming system under the sun attached to it, I smile deeply.  This means lots of powerful high end gear and toys.  AVS did a job a while back  up in Orange County  that was such a system.  For the visual elements of this av system we installed a 1080p Optoma projector and a Draper Cineperm 120 x 69 ” screen (See pic below) For the surround sound elements of this system we installed 2 Episode ES-HT950 250Watt RMS, 3Way -Ribbon, In Wall Speakers (for the LR Front)   1 Episode ES-HT900 200Watt RMS Full Range In Wall Center Channel  Speaker    2 Episode ES-700 170Watt RMS Dual Woofer-Aimable, In Wall Surround Speakers and  1 Polk PSW125 150Watt Free Standing Subwoofer.  We used a Harmon Kardon AVR3650 770 Watt 7.1 Surround Sound Amplifier & Video Switch to power the speakers.  Buttkickers were used in conjunction with Pyle amplifiers to send rumbles to several seats in the front row.  Yep this system rocks.















In the AV closet was an XBox, Sony Playstation, a Wii, and maybe a Nintendo.  Lots of games, lots of fun.  One additional nice touch in this theater that we haven’t done before…we installed movie theater like runner lights down the ailes between the seats- dimmable even.  This really gave the theater an authentic touch for when the popcorn and DVD came out.  Great Home theater.  You gotta get one.  AVS will gladly design it for you, sell it to you,  install it for you, and show you how to use it.  You kill the aliens.


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