Living, Medical & Public Facility Audio Visual

Living Facilities

Apartment Complexes, Senior Living Homes, Hospices

The Flats of West Village (Main Street-Charlottesville) hired AVS to install several public area audio systems- after they had built the building. AVS and The Flats designed the perfect solution without having to install wires (ie -damage drywall) everywhere. Using the internet, multiple SONOS units and an ipad AVS successfully installed a cool music system tailored to the Flats college aged customers. Dogwood Village– did nearly the same for their older customers- several new PA systems, video upgrades and control improvements.

Hospitals & Medical Centers

Hospitals, Medical Centers, Dental Offices

AVS has worked in hospitals, medical centers, laboratories and dental offices.  The UVA Psychology department hired AVS to upgrade several av monitoring and recording booths.  We did some repair work on several screens at Augusta Health.  We’ve installed sound systems in several dental offices. We’ll happily install lobby TVs, training projectors, or video monitoring for your hospital or medical facility.


Gymnasiums and Libraries

Health Centers, Gyms, Libraries, Courthouses

Gymnasiums, Libraries, Public Places, Courtrooms- AVS has got you covered.  Our goal is to make the AV in public facilities such as these- easy to operate, effective, clear, concise, and safe.  AVS has done work for The Madison Jefferson Library, The Nelson County Courthouse, and the gym at the Flats.

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