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Modern MultiMedia Churches

Dedicated AV Staff, AV Booth, Lighting,
Projectors, Flatscreens, Mixers, Computers,
PA Sound System, Choir, Full Band

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Your church is modern, large and growing. Not all of your AV purchases and installation needs can be handled by your staff. AVS can happily help you with this. No matter where, how, when or what you need to improve and strengthen – sound, video projection, TVs, lighting, cameras, overflow areas, monitors, etc. You name it- AVS can handle it. Let’s make your modern church even better.

Large Congregation Churches

Elegant, Subtle, Conservative, Beautiful, Uncompromising

AVS knows the dilemma that growing churches experience.  You need to accommodate the needs of the newer (and perhaps younger) members, without alienating the core (and sometimes older) members.  AVS can help you with this.  We’ve worked in many churches where the look and feel of the new AV system was equally important to how it operated and delivered.  Nothing garish. Components hidden.  Subtle. Elegant…. Your church is big, beautiful and dignified.  There’s no reason the AV can’t be the same.  AVS can do that.    

Small Congregation Churches

Historical, Rural, Private, Personal, Dedicated

Your small historical church is in need of an AV overhaul. But how can you do this without breaking the budget and installing a huge system that compromises the look and feel of your beautiful church? AVS hears you. We can help you with this. Patience, consideration, listening and delivering. AVS has helped many small historical churches overcome this hurdle.

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