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VCRs, Record Players, A-Bus & DLP TVs

VCRs, Record Players, A-Bus & DLP TVs

It’s been a while since I was asked to haul a big ole TUBE-TV out of someones home.  Back when I was working alone and was the sole installer in my audio visual company my usual response was h— no!  Today, thankfully Charlottesville AVS doesn’t get too many of those calls.  Everyone seems to have gotten rid of those old AV dinasaurs and replaced them with some sort of flat screen.  This blog post is just a friendly reminder, that if you do have some of that old equipment – we are happy to work with you on it.  Not tube TVs!- but the other stuff- A-Bus systems, DLP TVs, Record players, Laser Disc players, and even VCRs.

VCR VHS Betamax Cassette 8-Track  Tapes:  Some things are hard  to let go-  I know.  I have one too many pieces of old AV gear in my own garage.  Some customers still use it. After all?- what are you going to do with that collection of 1000 VCR movies?  A lot of people keep them around for kicks, or to share with the grand kids.  AVS can happily integrate all that old av stuff in your NEW system.


A-Bus systems:  Occasionally we get calls to work on these strange whole house systems.  I never liked them, but I understand them, can work on them, and can still easily get parts for them.  An A-bus system is a whole house audio system which utilizes in wall speakers, cat-5 to a central hub where the music source is, and single gang plate volume control/amplifier.  Yes that’s right- an amplifier in a volume control.  I don’t get it either.  It works.  Yes, the sound is okay, but never really loud.  The bottom line is this- some houses are wired this way and once it is you have to use that design.  We just did a job over in the Charlottesville – Ivy area where the house was wired this way. No actual system had been put in place so we provided the  A-bus system.  We installed 4 Vol/Amp modules, 8 ceiling speakers, an A-bus central source hub, and a Sonos internet music unit as the source, controlled by iphone and ipad.  It all works fine- great even, but just not super loud.  This type of system was thought to save the owner money on speaker wire, but installed in a 1.2 million dollar home- it makes zero sense.


So all I want to say is that AVS welcomes all your crazy old audio video gear and components.  No promises, but we will always try. 9 times out of 10 we can make it work.  And those big tube TVs?  I know a great moving and hauling company. 🙂

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