Charlottesville VA Virginia- Home Audio and Living Room Surround Sound

Charlottesville VA- Basic Home Audio and Surround Sound System 

Basic Surround Sound System for your Home

Audio Video Services regular provides Charlottesville and Central Virginia customers with what I call a basic surround sound and home audio package.  A design we did a few years ago best exemplifies this type of system:  The house was a renovation/new build- so much renovation in other words it might as well have been a new build.  We had complete access to all walls for pre-wiring – no drywall to contend with- just studs and rooms.

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The Surround Sound system: This type of system is relatively simple and provides a higer quality listening/viewing environment in an area that doesn’t necessarily need super-duper home theater stuff.  So the living room was pre-wired for a 5.1 surround (5 ceiling speakers $99 each and a subwoofer) a TV in the cabinet on an articulating arm and components hidden beneath the cabinet.  We used Episode IC-300-8 ceiling speakers, a Polk PSW125 subwoofer, and a Harman Kardon AVR 1650 amplifier.  Everything controlled by a Harmony One IR remote. Nothing super fancy- but all very good equipment.

surr 2

Caution!  TV Mounts:   The Samsung TV was on an articulating arm so that the customer could aim the TV toward kitchen or living room area.  Very convenient.  A bit of a warning about mounts these days:  You can buy mounts at 7Eleven now.  Don’t do it.  Don’t buy cheap mounts from walmart, target, or best buy.  Get pro grade SAFE mounts that aren’t skimping on metal structure. STRONG, Peerless and Chief are good. Safety is always first priority with AVS.  We use STRONG brand installer-designed mounts from SnapAV- one of the best and reliable suppliers and products  in the AV industry.


Whole house audio:  Again, very simple. Two sherwood amps provide plenty of wattage to about 8 speakers distributed throughout the home- kitchen, dining, deck, bedroom.  Two Episode IC-300-8 ceiling speakers in each room.  A basic volume control in each room.  Great sound.  Minimum cost.  Low maintenance.  No fuss.  Last years.

Home AV 1

We sell these types of AV systems all the time.  Most people in todays economy can’t afford Control4 Whole house automation with delux home theater products in their living room.  Most people we work with just want great sound that is easy to operate.  That’s what we sell.  Sure, we can do fancy.  But it takes just as much skill, patience, and expertise to do simple.


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