Charlottesville Flatscreen TV Installation

Flatscreen TV Installation in the Charlottesville Virginia area

AVS has installed hundreds of flatscreen TVs. Here’s one that floats:

articulating arm mount tv installation charlottesville va


 Installing a TV on an articulating arm mount:

Charlottesville Audio Visual Services of central Virginia has installed many TVs on articulating arm mounts.  We recently helped a customer in the Earlysville area who wanted to replace their old bulky cabinet TV lift with a new bigger (60″)  TV and new installation look.  AVS did a free consultation visit and with the customer went over all the options, ideas, possibilities and potential ways we could do it.  AVS took some measurements and then went back to the office drawing board.

What we came up with is what you see in the picture above: a neat clean floating look.  Looks simple…. It wasn’t.  A lot of math, calculation, hole drilling and bolt screwing went into getting the TV to “float” in that position.

Here’s the mount. Brand: STRONG Model: Razor    from  (You need us to purchase from them)

When installing a TV on an articulating arm mount the MOST crucial element of the job is securing as many bolts as possible into 2×4 studs.  In this job we had 2 studs to work with and a surface area of about 24′ wide to mount the bracket on.  This 24″ measurement is important.  Not all articulating arm mounts have a wall bracket LESS than 24″.  We scoured the SnapAV website for a bracket that would fit the bill.  We found one and it worked.  ONLY mount a TV on an articulating arm mount if it can be secured into something very solidly.  The test that you’ve done a good job is this:  Install the mount on the wall without the TV. Now- hang on it.  Slowly put your full body weight on it  (only if you weigh under 200lbs please).  If it can hold you (under 200lbs) it will easily hold the TV.

We also attached a soundbar to the TV and the wireless small subwoofer you see below the TV.

Here’s the old bulky cabinet lift we swapped out:


We also installed 2 of these:


This is a pair of Sony MDRRF985RK Wireless RF Headphones.  These allow you to watch TV while the wife or kids sleep upstairs.

Here’s the new Episode soundbar kit:

charlottesville soundbar installation

The Episode® 2.1 Active Soundbar System is your go-to, all-in-one soundbar solution. Complete with a two-channel active soundbar that connects wirelessly to an included subwoofer, this is an ideal set up for quick and easy installations. The subwoofer features 4 x 3″ polypropylene drivers and 2 x 3/4″ soft dome tweeters. Each system comes  complete with a mounting bracket, RCA cable, and Toslink cable. Just plug and play and you’re good to go.

X-RAY Vision. Where are the components (DVD, cable Box) you say?

They’re hidden in the cabinet behind the TV.  We used an IR kit like the one pictured below to make the IR remotes work through the cabinets.

HDMI, Coaxial Cabling, Internet

AVS also handled all the cabling to make things interconnect and work properly. HDMI cables from TV to components. Coaxial cable from Direct TV dish.  Internet Cat-5 cables from router for an active online access to all TV apps.

AVS hopes this helps you to get a better understanding of how to install an articulating arm mount for your TV.  We highly recommend you get a professional to do this work.  Safety is the most important part of a job like this.  AND- AVS can easily  do it for you….

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