Charlottesville Audio Visual AV at Castle Hill Cidery

Castle Hill Cidery Audio and Surveillance

Castle Hill Cidery Audio and Surveillance

Audio Video Services was hired by Castle Hill Cidery in Keswick, VA to install distributed audio and a surveillance system.  This was a pretty big job, because…well  Castle Hill is a pretty big barn.  It’s an open air barn with enclosed rooms on either end.  There are offices, tasting rooms, a bar area, and a retail area.  It’s a really gorgeous place and I highly recommend getting out there if you can.  Great cider, beautiful location, and an over all nice vibe.  Virginia country side at its best.


The barn is constructed of exposed post and beam so there was no place or wall to hide wires- but we did.  This is where a customer really benefits from hiring a professional av audio visual contractor.  Sure- anybody with a stapler and a ladder can install wires.  But knowing the best path, the shortest runs, and designing LONG wire runs so that they work effectively, and are pleasing to the eye- that requires a professional. Castle Hill is a very nice place, so when we designed the wire runs we spent lots of time carefully designing, planning, and deciding where wires would go, before any tools were brought to the scene.  In the end a job like this needs to aestically pleasing to the eye- not just functional.


All the cat-5 and speaker wire we used was black– to match the existing iron struts and post and beam joints.  Wire runs were tucked in very high corners, stapled every foot, and wire tied together to eliminate loops or sags.  The end result was a barn filled with hundreds of feet of Cat5 and speaker wire – that ya hardly notice.


The speakers, audio, and surveillance system?–  Yep, it works great.  BUT – the whole system looks great also.  This is important when your business is about selling the venue to potential wedding parties.  It needs to work and LOOK like a million dollars. It does.


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