AV for Small Business Conference Room Downtown

Explore Learning- Small Business AV Installation

Explore Learning gets Conference Room AV Upgrade

AVS was hired by Explore Learning to install audio video in two different rooms- a training room and a board room.  The same system was installed in both rooms: An Optoma wireless 4000 Lumen projector, a small Sherwood  2 zone amplifier, and two Episode ceiling speakers.  AVS installed all cabling- av and electrc for screen in conduit.  We provided cable bump floor ramps- which we suggested as a way of reducing project cost.  They initailly were going to cut channels in the floor- ouch – very pricey.  The cable ramps are very low profile, inexpensive and provide a good method of protecting and hiding cables that need to go over flooring where people walk.

explore learn galaxy


The wireless connectivity portion of the project was a challenge as Apple doesn’t like to play ball with eveyone else when it comes to wirelessly connecting to a projector.  (Software issues) Explore Learning uses mainly Apple computers so we had to come up with a solution.  “Apple TV” was the solution.  This product is available everywhere and is an inexpensive consumer method of providing wireless connectivity from an Apple device to a projector.  AVS uses Sherwood amps for small audio project amplification.  We installed two SnapAV Episode flush mount ceiling speakers.

Safety Cable Bump

End of project- Projector images looked great, audio sounded excellent, connectivity all worked…and nobody trips on floor cabling!!






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