Audio Visual Board Conference room Charlottesville VA, Virginia

AV Audio Visual Installation and design for board or conference rooms in Charlottesville VA and Central Virginia.  Video Conferencing. Teleconferencing.

AVS has worked in many board and conference rooms in the central Virginia area over the years:

AVS has done everything from installing TVs to internet, to sound systems to video conferencing systems. Here’s an example from GreenBlue Environmental Systems in Charlottesville.  We installed a bunch of AV gear.

av charlottesville conference room

av charlottesville conference room

The picture above (main conference room) has a 10′ wide Dragonfly electric screen.  Not in the picture is an Optoma EH504 HD 5000 Lumen 16:9 DLP WIFI Projector. In the picture is a PTZOptics HD video conference camera. and 2 Episode PA speakers.

virginia audio visual conference room

virginia audio visual conference room

This picture shows the mixer for internet audio conferencing, a hand held wireless mic, a boundary mic and amplifier.

This area is a central meeting area used for standing room only conferences.  The projector screen is also a whiteboard.  There’s a small PTZOptics video conference camera mounted on top of the screen (hard to see in this pic) a BenQ short throw projector and two speakers.

This picture shows a 65″ Samsung TV, PYZ Optics Huddlecam video conference camera, an Episode Soundbar and invisible av gnomes hiding below the shelf ( just seeing if you’re awake)

We label everything you purchase from us!!!! (above) And finally in this picture because I really get bored writing these blog posts is the following Star Trek weapons arsenal: A phased array pulsed energy projectile laser, a X-51 Plasma Cannon and  hand held Klingon Disruptor (pictured below).

TV Hanging Safety: Today’s TVs are super light so it has become easier and safer (in general) to hang most TVs.  The light weight means that there’s a larger margin for error (if you do it yourself) relative to mounts, studs, bolts, screws and latches.  We recommend of course you just hire AVS  because AVS tolerates 0-zero margin of error even with these new light TVs.

Here’s what it takes:  1. A professional tilt, flush or articulating arm  Mount (We use STRONG ™ mounts) 2. Professional weight tolerant bolts/screws (like tapcons) 3. Proper stud (wood or metal) location, drilling and mounting.  AVS likes to get a solid tight grip with at least 6 to eight bolts/screws into the studs or rock or brick for flush or tilt mounts. Even more for Articulating arm mounts.

Tilt Mount Television Installation

AV Cables:  You can overboard with cables, prices, and technical specs. Most people don’t need an $80 dollar 6′ Monster cable.  AVS thinks this is a total ripoff.  Just get a good cable with this years specs and you’ll probably do fine.  If you plan on using the cable (hdmi) for internet or 3D- sure get a more expensive one. You don’t need gold plated HDMI under any circumstance.  AVS 6′ cables cost $19.  AVS 12′ cables cost $29.  Never had an issue with them.

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