Amazing Dedicated Home Theater Charlottesville

A Charlottesville Home Theater- with Lasers.

A Star Wars Home Theater- with Lasers.

Residential Home Theaters come in all shapes and sizes, but the favorite size and shape- ask any custom  home theater installer- is the big dedicated one located in the basement of the home.  These rooms are usually big enough to accommodate a 10- 12 ‘ wide screen, theater seating layed out over a tiered ramp with a big bright projector.  And the sound is usually loud and clear enough to rival the new local IMAX theater.  I’m not kidding.

So AVS is always thrilled when we get a call to install a home theater like the one pictured below.  Items in the room include a Draper Targa electric drop down screen, Optoma HD 8600 1080p projector, Harman Kardon AVR 3650 7.1 Surround amplifier, Episode Tower speakers-  for the left and right front,  Polk Fxi-4 for the side and rear surround, and a POlk psw 125 Subwoofer.  Buttkickers that rumble the seats, and sound activated lasers pointed at the ceiling.

good 4-2

There’s a rack in the adjacent room (through the door on the left in the pic) which has all the power supply, amps, and processing.  The whole thing is operated by a Logitech Harmony One remote. (Pretty simple) My favorite part of course is the green and red laser which splashes the entire ceiling.   The trick is powering them up with the rest of the system. (AVS isn’t going to give that secret away.)

avs av rack home theater

AVS was consulted every step of the way on this great theaters design– from lighting to projector and screen, to buttkickers, to seating ramps, etc.  We didn’t supply it all or install it all (we’re not electricians, or carpet llayers, or painters) but we worked in conjunction with everyone else to get the end results.  Team effort in other words.  So if you’re thinking about doing a home theater like this – my one bit of advice- Make it a TEAM effort and you’ll do just fine, come under budget, and get great little suprises like the laser.  (Please make sure thatAVS is on that team! )

Theaters 1

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